Desk360 Balance Management

With Desk360 Wallet, you can manage the payment processes of many services you benefit from such as WhatsApp Business API setup, subscription, adding new users, and WhatsApp Message Templates from a single place. Before you benefit from a paid service, you need to top up your wallet balance. You can also see the details of the transactions made with your wallet and receive an invoice.

Wallet Management

You can manage your payment processes such as adding/updating cards, viewing balance, balance top-up, and refund requests, and access your wallet history via Desk360 wallet.

Adding/Updating Cards: You can follow these steps to add a card to use in your wallet: Wallet > Add Payment Method. In the window that pops up, simply enter your card information and save the information you have entered. You can save only 1 card in your wallet. You can change the card information you have previously entered by clicking on the 3 dots on the top right of the card you have saved on the Wallet page.

Balance viewing and top-up: You can view your current balance by going to your Desk360 Wallet or you can top up balance to your wallet via bank transfer or credit/debit card methods by following these steps: Wallet > Add Balance.

After accessing the “Add Balance” page, you need to type the amount you want to add. The minimum amount you can add to your wallet is 50 USD. Once you have set the amount, you can proceed to the “Payment Method” page.

On the Payment Method page, you can choose the method that suits your needs from the Bank Transfer or Card options.

If you choose the Bank Transfer method, you can see the transaction summary of your payment on the right side of the screen. After completing this step, you will be directed to the “Wire Transfer Instructions” page. On this page, you can access your payment summary and access the details of the account to which you will make the bank transfer. You can quickly copy the account information by using the copy function on the right of the account detail lines. You can enter your bank transfer by pressing the Enter Bank Transfer button.

This process does not automatically transfer money from your account. You need to transfer money to your Desk360 bank account following the instructions shared with you.

If you choose to pay with a card, you can make the payment using the card whose information you entered before or with new card information. You can see your payment summary on the right side of the screen and continue the payment process.

Balance History: You can follow these steps to view the balance history of your wallet: Wallet > Balance history. On this page, you can view your current balance, the latest status of your top-ups and expenditures, and search by entering a date filter. You can download a summary of your wallet history by clicking on the button to the right of the date filter.

Invoice Information: You can follow these steps to view and edit your invoice information: Wallet > Invoice Information or Settings > Invoice Information.

On this screen, you can access and edit your invoice information or view your previously issued invoices.

On this page, you can access the invoice editing screen by clicking on the Edit button in the upper right corner. On the invoice editing screen, you need to fill in the fields by selecting the suitable option from the Personal or Business options. All fields must be filled in. You can also access your past invoices by clicking on See All Invoices. Invoices will be sent to your email address.

WABA Pricing

As of February 1, 2022, WhatsApp has switched to a model of pricing based on conversations.

WABA conversations are divided into two categories:

User-initiated conversations: These are conversations that start when you reply to a user message sent to you. You can reply to these conversations for 24 hours, and you can restart chats that you have archived thanks to the activation feature.

Business-initiated conversations: These are conversations that you initiate by sending message templates to your users. Through these messages, you can send templates such as ticket information, updates, payment transactions, etc. to a user you want, after getting the necessary permissions, and you can initiate the WhatsApp conversation as a business.

User-initiated Conversations

A customer named Hale Erdemir sends the following message to CommerceBird about their order. Hale Erdemir: Hello, my order number 12345 still hasn't arrived, can you check?

When CommerceBird responds to this message, the 24-hour process starts and a one-session fee is charged. Within 24 hours, there is no further charge for conversations with the user. After 24 hours, the business must send a template message to start the conversation again or the user named Hale Erdemir must send a new message. Both options will be subject to a fee.

Business-initiated Conversations

The business CommerceBird sends a template message to the customer who has given permission to be contacted via WhatsApp to send an update on their order.

CommerceBird: Hello, your order 12345 has been prepared. It will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

With the template message sent, the 24-hour session starts and a one-session fee is charged. The conversation with the customer can proceed in the 24-hour session without any additional charge.

Additional Information

All WABA conversations are measured in 24-hour sessions. A WhatsApp conversation starts with a template message sent by a business or a reply to a message sent by a user to a business and lasts for 24 hours at no additional cost. For 24 hours, you can have unlimited conversations with your users and send unlimited template messages to the users you started a session with.

Call rates vary depending on the country code of the user sending a message to your business or the user you are sending a message to. The first 1000 sessions are free for all WABA businesses each month. After 1000 sessions, each session will be charged according to the user's country code.

Pricing information for all countries can be found here.

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