WhatsApp Business API Setup

The WhatsApp Business API Setup page allows you to set up quickly and easily for the phone number you want to receive Business API service on.

The setup involves 5 steps. These are respectively:

1. Connecting your Facebook Business Account 2. Determining the phone number you want to use and the display name of your business profile 3. Invoicing 4. Phone number verification 5. Completion of the setup

Things to consider before starting the setup:

  • You must have a Verified Facebook Business Account to set up the WhatsApp Business API.

  • A phone number cannot be used in Business API and Business APP at the same time. Due to the rules of Meta, you can only benefit from only one platform.

  • If the phone number you want to set up is registered in WhatsApp, please delete it from your WhatsApp accounts. Even if you delete the WhatsApp application, your account remains registered. Therefore, you need to delete your account by visiting the “Account” section of the WhatsApp application. After deleting your account, you need to wait 5 minutes.

  • Your previous messages from before setup cannot be transferred.

  • If the phone number you want to set up is registered with a different Business API provider, go to your Facebook Business Manager and turn off 2-Step Verification before setting up.

  • All steps must be completed successfully. Skipping any step is not possible.

First Step: Connecting the Facebook Account

You must have a Verified Facebook Business Account to complete this step. Click here for more information about Facebook Business Account.

To connect your account, click on the “Continue” button and then sign in with your Facebook Business Manager Account in the pop-up window.

Second Step: Determining Phone Number and Display Name

In this step, you need to enter the phone number and the display name of the phone number you want to set up the WhatsApp Business API on.

Display Name is the name of your WhatsApp Business Profile that can be viewed by your customers. The name you choose undergoes a review process by WhatsApp and you can only use it if it is approved.

What to consider to get your Display Name approved:

  • The name you choose must be related to your business.

  • It must not violate WhatsApp trade and business policies.

  • It must comply with the Display Name rules. Click here to access the rules.

After entering your phone number and Display Name, you can select “Continue” and complete the step.

Third Step: Invoicing

After completing the second step, you will be presented with the invoicing process. In this step, you will be offered 2 different options: Annual and Monthly. After choosing the package that suits your needs, click on the “Continue” button.

Then enter your card information in the following page and click on the “Next” button. After clicking on the Next button, you will be asked for some information in order to make an invoice for your payment. You need to select “Individual Selection” for individual invoice and “Commercial Selection” for commercial invoice. Your invoice will be issued according to the selection you make on this screen and the information you enter.

After entering the necessary information for the invoice, click on the “Next” button and after checking your pricing details again on the “Complete Subscription” screen, which is the last step of the invoicing, you can complete this step by clicking on the “Complete” button.

Fourth Step: Phone Number Verification

In this step, the verification process of the phone number to set up the Business API on is completed.

There are 2 different methods for verification. These are text message and phone call. You can choose the one that suits your needs best and click on “Send” button. Then, Meta will send a 6-digit verification code to your phone number with the method you specify. Simply enter this code in the field that will pop up and select “Verify”.

If you do not receive the verification code, you can try the other verification method by clicking on the “Back” button.

Things to consider before sending the verification code:

  • In the case you prefer the phone call method, if there is an active IVR on your phone number, it must be deactivated or call forwarding must be set up before sending the code. Otherwise, you will not receive the verification code.

  • If your phone number will be transferred from a different service provider, log in to your Facebook Business Manager and turn off 2-Step Verification.

  • If your phone number is registered on WhatsApp, go to the app, delete your account in the “Account” section, and wait 5 minutes before requesting the verification code.

Fifth Step: Completing the Setup

Once the verification code step is completed, the setup process starts. It may take a few minutes to be completed. Once the setup is finished, you will receive a notification at the top of the page informing that the setup is complete and you will be redirected to the Products page.

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